Are Your Students Ready for the Job Hunt?

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After students explore the options in their career paths and learn their trade, it is time to take their skills to the job hunt. Are your students prepared for this crucial part of their success? Many high school students stumble when they make the efforts to find and keep their first jobs. Here is how career videos and interactive CDs can help.

Understanding the Job Hunt

Since students are rarely taught how to develop resumes, ace interviews and fill out job applications in regular classes, they need the proper help and guidance to make sure they are competitive. Interactive career CDs can give them instruction on dressing for an interview, responding to employer requests and questions and acting professional throughout the job application process.

Even the smallest slip during an application may cause an employer to withdraw someone’s name from the pool of candidates. Helping your students understand the risks involved is important as an educator. With the help of informative career videos and CDS, your students will know the importance of a job interview and application process.

Job Orientation and Trial Periods

The first weeks on the job define whether someone who gets hired is able to continue in the position. Your students should know how to dress appropriately on the first day of work, as well as how to communicate with other employees – both verbally and nonverbally – in order to make sure they keep the position they worked so hard to attain.

In fact, it takes a positive attitude and responsible habits to find and keep a job in any career. You can help your students get through the hard parts early on in the job with the right training and guidance.

Career Pathways has a full selection of videos and CDs to help your students choose their careers as well as help find jobs and keep those positions. Prepare them well for their future. For inquiries or information about career videos and CD’s please visit or contact us at 800.282.5315.

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