Dressing for Success

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At Career Pathways Online, we try to familiarize you with every possible aspect of job readiness so that you can begin your career exploration with your absolute best foot forward. One element of pursuing a long-lasting and fulfilling career is the interviewing process, and as much as it may seem superficial, what you wear to an interview is of the utmost importance. When presenting yourself to a new company for the first time, it’s absolutely essential that you dress for success.

Our many career awareness DVDs cover many different fields of career options, but what doesn’t change, no matter what career cluster you ultimately decide is best for you, is the fact that you will need to look your best both while interviewing and while on the job.

Studies show that people form opinions about a particular person within the first 10 seconds of meeting them, therefore, there’s no practical reason for underestimating the importance of your appearance at an interview. Rules for dress codes for men and women may vary between office settings, regardless, when it comes to an interview, you can’t be too formal. No one will ever look down at a job applicant for dressing professional, but if you show up too casual, there’s a good chance a potential employer will not take you seriously.

Our career DVDs are designed to help you decide upon a career path and to improve your job readiness skills. This also includes knowing how to be prepared for any potential interview. It may be useful to designate an outfit or two to save for interviewing. Dressing appropriately is just as important as career exploration and learning about the company you could possibly be working for. These helpful tips will ensure that you will succeed in any career path you chose to pursue. If you have any questions about our products or career videos please visit us at www.careerpathwaysonline.com.

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