Expand Your Career Pathways with Job Readiness Skills

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In this tight economy, companies are cutting back on the number of new employees they hire, the amount they pay them and even the number of people they keep on staff. If you want to compete in this tight job market, you must have something to offer that others don’t. You can do this through education and job experience.

How to Get Hired

You have to be prepared to go the extra mile, work late and do skill training to stay ahead of your competition. There are other young and hungry applicants out there and they want nothing more than to eliminate you out of the running for any job opportunities that arise. The following tips will help you expand your career pathways :

  • Put in the Time – You have to put more into your career. Spend an hour or two each day training, preparing, volunteering, and working on special projects – anything that you can do to increase your chances of being hired.
  • Revise Your Resume – While it’s important be specific, many people fail to include all of their qualifications on their resume or they downplay some of their experience. Always include anything that’s relevant to the job you want. If you have trouble writing a resume, don’t be afraid to hire someone to help you make it as professional as it can be.
  • Career Exploration – Is there an avenue in your career field that will open up more doors for you? Research your job field and look for any opportunities that you might have missed before. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but with a few more job readiness skills, you could easily transition into another job that you might not have considered before.
  • Follow Up – With so many applicants for each job, hiring managers have a difficult time sorting through all the resumes. Be sure to follow up with companies approximately within a few days after you apply for a position.

This job market favors savvy applicants. If you wish to land your dream job in your chosen career field you have to put in the time and get employers to notice you and Career Pathways will help you with the needed tools to get you to job readiness. www.careerpathwaysonline.com

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