Giving Students the Tools to Choose Their Future

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When it comes to life after high school, helping students choose their career path can seem like a daunting task. With so many potential options available, students can often become overwhelmed and in many cases, will never be exposed to the full range of options available to them before having to make a decision.

However, there are key tools that can help you deliver the best guidance possible for students, including the 16 Career Pathways DVD-ROM System from Career Pathways.

Self-Assessment and Matching Skills and Goals

Teenagers often feel like choosing a career is so far away when in reality, college, vocational school, or entering the job force is just a few years away. Choosing a viable career means knowing all of the potential options, but how is this possible?

With the 16 Career Pathways System, students will be exposed to 16 career clusters that detail careers at every level. This includes everything from business management to arts, human services, logistics, and more. This wide variety is essential for teenagers, especially after taking a self-assessment test to better narrow down potential interests in certain clusters.

Of course, providing these materials as early as possible is important, as knowing the potential career clusters can help students guide their studies and develop their interests to prepare themselves for their future careers. Additionally, this can help to counteract any negative or intrusive influences on a teenager’s decision process that can side track one from achieving their dreams.

The Tools You Need

At Career Pathways, you can find all of the helpful DVDs, reports, self-assessments, posters, and other essential materials needed to put your students on the right path toward career success and satisfaction. The career clusters are an excellent starting point, as they lay out all potential options to allow students to make their own decisions.

For more information and tools please visit or contact us at 800.282.5315 with any questions.


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