How to Lead Students to Pursue A Career

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For many students, finding a career is not only exciting, but can be overwhelming as well. With so many different options, many students enter college not quite sure what direction they want to go in, even though excited about the next chapter in their lives.

Luckily, through resources like Career Pathways and the encouragement to pursue one’s passion in a manageable, straightforward way, allows the angst about the future to seize.

Helping Students Consider Their Options

Narrowing down the selection to just a few potential options can be difficult without proper guidance. Luckily, Career Pathways has several helpful resources that you can use to give students the guidance they need to choose the path best suited for them.

Interactive DVDs – Part of determining which career is the right option is being exposed to all potential careers. With our Interactive DVDs, you can show students over 115 careers so they can get thorough insight to the different career paths.

16 Career Clusters DVDs – Developed in accordance with federal guidelines, our 16 Career Clusters DVDs are the simplest way to break down potential careers in 16 helpful clusters. This helps students find the clusters that most appeal to them from which they can explore more specific options and hopefully find a match.

Career Posters – Meant to enhance our DVDs and other resources, Career Pathways’ career posters highlight potential careers from the clusters and are essential for schools looking to help students in search of a suitable career. We have 35 posters available in different sets to ensure you have exactly what you need for success.

At Career Pathways, our primary goal is to motivate students in both middle and high school to explore career options and set future goals as soon as possible. Via our products, you can encourage and lead students to pursue their passions through the essential guidance they need to make the right decision.

For more information or inquiries about our products, please visit or contact us at 800.282.5315.

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