Jump-start Your Career Exploration with Incredible Interviews

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Maybe you’ve been wondering exactly what kind of information you can gather from our New Job Search and Job Survival CDs. Today, we’ll provide you with a quick overview of the type of information you can expect to learn, whether you choose the 3rd -4th Grade Reading Level series or the 6th -8th Grade Reading Level CDs. Creating successful career pathways is only a few career videos and interactive activities away!

One of the best ways to start a successful career exploration is to successfully prepare for an interview. After completing an impressive resume and application and receiving an interview request from your prospective employer, you’ll need to do a bit of prep to ready yourself for an incredible interview.

Though our career videos will go more in-depth about this topic, we’ll give you some quick tips. First you’ll need to understand that it’s important to dress a certain way for an interview. For many career pathways, men should wear a solid color suit with a long-sleeve shirt, belt, a tie, dark socks, neatly polished dark leather shoes, and a neat, professional hairstyle. Women should wear a dark suit or dark, conservative dress that goes to the knees. They should also choose neutral pantyhose, limited jewelry, neat nails, a coordinated blouse, and a professional hairstyle to jump-start their career exploration. When a job is less formal, it’s a good idea to check with HR or the interviewer to see what would be an appropriate outfit choice.

No matter which career pathway you choose, interviewing can be a scary process. It’s important to practice typical job interview questions and responses. Then, you should be sure to do your research. You should know the interviewer’s name, basics about the company, and any questions you may have about the position. Once you’re dressed in your interview finest, be sure to be on time, stay calm, and be yourself. Show why you would be a real asset to the company and how you would fit into its culture. After the interview, also follow up with a thank you note (or e-mail) within 24 hours of your interview.

For more great tips about how to start a successful career exploration, no matter which career pathway you choose, contact us for more information about our informative career videos and relevant information. www.careerpathwaysonline.com

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