The Advantages of the 16 Career Clusters

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Student achievement does not happen randomly, it is the product of concerted planning and effort. Any effort put in by a student can be augmented by providing them with a clear vision of the anticipated goal. The vision includes comprehensive pathways and relevant studies and Career Clusters acts as such a pathway.

It is essential that school academics are linked with real world skills for workplace success. Simply presenting students with theoretical concepts often results in wasted time. Conversely, Career Clusters are designed with the two-fold goals of exposing students to various career opportunities and preparing them for it. As students understand the stepping stones required to achieve a career goal, they will be in a better position to anticipate and prepare for forthcoming challenges.

The 16 Career Clusters cover a full range of major occupation disciplines and describe the skills and knowledge they require. Schools use these tools to organize curriculum and focus study programs more effectively. The clusters come in colorful career posters that give stationary visual aids to students while career DVDs give more in depth reviews of career paths and subcategory disciplines.

These tools can assist students and parents in identifying the necessary skills required to achieve their desired career goals. Students are able to grasp how their current decisions will affect future ones, therefore, more students are motivated to push ahead and increase their work ethic so that they are able to achieve their career objectives.

Utilizing Career Clusters is a way to help your child or student have an insightful view of how they will use their life. Choosing an occupation is not an easy thing to do. However, with such tools so accessible to students, they will be exposed to options they may have never considered.

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