The Tools That Show Students a Clear Career Path

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When students become attracted to a certain career, they might have a hard time visualizing the steps needed to enter that field. Guidance counselors and career centers have the task of showing students how the process works in any of the career clusters they choose. Here are some tools to use as you help student reach their goals.

Testimonials from Professionals in the Field
Students can match a personality to a career when they see a professional in that field describing the job. Video materials in the Career Pathways DVD-ROMs offer your students the chance to learn from professionals as they describe the career in question and the skills it takes to enter the field successfully.

Tests That Assess Skills in a Career
Wanting to enter a career does not always mean a student should devote their attention to that field. Since there are some careers that do not match the skill set of a student, assessing their skills is important during the career selection process. Narrators offer tests in the Career Pathways DVD that make it easier to match careers to individuals. All tests are printable.

Outlooks and Scholarships in Career Clusters
Along with seeing professionals in a certain field, students need to begin a direct path to meeting their career goals. The process involves reading up on national job outlooks and exploring links of interest in that field. DVD-ROM materials that instantly update with an Internet connection provide the most up-to-date resources available for your students. Information on scholarships in that field (also included) shows them a way to get there.

Custom Curriculums
Advisors and career counselors can build a custom curriculum for students based on the direction they are headed in specific career clusters. Showing students a special path to a preferred career is sure to motivate them to achieve their goals. Career Pathways can help you make these excellent custom materials.

Showing students a direct way to their preferred careers is a tall order. Let Career Pathways DVD series help you get this difficult task done. For more information and/or to view our products please visit or contact us at 800.282.5315.

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