What is a Career Cluster?

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If you’re new to the career counseling industry, you might be asking yourself what exactly we mean by “career clusters.” At Career Pathways, we have found that during a student’s career exploration, he or she may be drawn to a variety of jobs that can be easily classified as a group, or cluster. Examples of career clusters include Education and Training, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism, Manufacturing, Arts and Communication, and so on. By helping a student or adult seeking a career pathway identifying what cluster he or she is drawn to, you can provide him or her with a more specific focus in that person’s search for a meaningful and fulfilling career.

Teachers, parents, and counselors alike can help students and young adults identify their interests and goals for the future by utilizing our career cluster poster set. With 19 different clusters featured, the posters provide images that can inspire youth and adults in their search to find their career pathways.

It is useful to administer the tests and surveys that we offer on our site that can help students and adults alike to identify the fields they might wish to enter. From here, our career videos are great way to further examine whether this particular field or fields do indeed fall in line with a person’s interests and goals.

Our career cluster system will help you narrow down the options in the career exploration process. For instance, one may know they’re interested in health, but they may be lost as to what sort of job they can have in the health industry. This is where Career Pathway DVDs can help show what specific jobs exist under the health cluster.

Thus, if you are a guidance counselor, a teacher, or a career counselor, hanging Career Cluster Posters in your office can be a great way to inspire people seeking to find their career destiny. Check out our wide variety of posters, DVDs, and other products today.

For more information please visit www.careerpathwaysonline.com or contact us at 800.282.5315

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