Bullying is a common experience for many students. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention reports that twenty percent of students in grades 9-12 experienced bullying last year. Students will learn how to identify the warning signs when someone is being bullied, the different types of bullying, and how to cope with being bullied.

Student Competencies include:
1. Explain bullying.
2. List three types of bullying.
3. Explain direct bullying and give one example.
4. Explain indirect bullying and give one example.
5. Describe possible warning signs of someone being bullied.
6. Name three positive strategies someone who is being bullied can respond to the bully with.
7. Describe how a bystander can help prevent bullying.
8. Describe what to do if you are bullied at school.
9. List three ways to report bullying.

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