Consumer Shopping

Smart consumer habits are important to making every dollar count and improving quality of life. Students need the instruction on these CD-ROMs to learn how to plan and organize a grocery trip, compare prices for the best buys and read a food label for nutrition and cost per unit/serving facts.

Competencies include:

1. List three steps to being a smart consumer.
2. Explain the importance of setting a budget and keeping it when shopping.
3. List four ways to find coupons, how to use them and why it is important to check prices even with a coupon.
4. Define “price per unit,” state why it’s important when shopping and show how to figure it.
5. Define “cost per serving,” state why it’s important when shopping, and show how to figure it.
6. List four things given on a food label.
7. Explain the order in which ingredients are listed on a label.
8. Define “net weight” and explain why it’s important to know when shopping
9. Making a Grocery List.

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