Welder 1Automotive TechnicianAircraft Technician 1Carpenter 12Heating AC 9Air Traffic Controller 17Construction Building Inspector 7Automotive Body Repairer 3Diesel Mechanic 1Machinist 3Construction Electrician

Entire Set of 11 Industrial Related Career DVDs

$429.00 $321.75

Titles include:

1. Automotive Technician
2. Aircraft Technician
3. Carpenter
4. Construction Electrician
5. Heating, A/C & Refrigeration Technician
6. Air Traffic Controller
7. Construction and Building Inspector
8. Automotive Body Repairer
9. Diesel Mechanic
10. Machinist & Tool Programmer
11. Welder, Cutter & Welding Machine Operator

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$429 less $107.25 a 25% Discount = $321.75
Item # DVD-IND-11

Product Description

This BEST BUY DVD series includes all 11 career video titles from the Industrial Related Career Pathways.  Each of the 11 videos include the Nature of Work, Working Conditions, Employment, Training, Job Outlook, and Earnings of the career.  Each video also includes a real life testimonial from an enthusiastic working in the field.  Each video includes reproducible informational handouts.



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