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Health Related Occupations DVD – Volume 1

This 34 minute DVD video will help students explore the careers in Health Related Occupations.  It will provide them with vital information such as:  Nature of Work, Working Conditions, Employment, Education, Earnings, and Job Outlook.  Students will view actual work sites and hear a testimonial given by someone working in the field of Health Related Occupations.

Package includes: DVD, Teachers Guide, Lesson Plan, Activity Worksheet and Pre/Post Test.

Highlighted Careers

Volume 1
Dental Hygienist
Medical Assistant
Medical Records Technician
Radiological Technician
Registered Nurse
Surgical Technician

Watch the Sample Introduction Video Below

All of the menus are full motion with full motion video icons, auto repeat, and interactive designed to get and keep your students attention.

Below are screen shots of the menus. The user clicks on the video icon to play a full screen video.

              Main Menu                                Introduction Menu                          Careers Menu                         Conclusion Menu

Health 1 - 1 Main Menu Health 1 - 4 Conclusion Menu Health 1 - 3 Careers Menu Health 1 - 2 Intro Menu

Play the Careers Menu

Here’s just a few scenes from Health Related Occupations Volume 1 DVD

Dental Hygienist 16 Dental Hygienist 4 Medical Assistant 15 Medical Assistant 8 Medical Records 2

Medical Records 3 Radiologic Tech 15 Radiologic Technologist 11 Nurse Aide Orderly 3 Nurse 16

Surgical Tech 3 Surgical Tech 2

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