The Tools That Show Students a Clear Career Path

When students become attracted to a certain career, they might have a hard time visualizing the steps needed to enter that field. Guidance counselors and career centers have the task of showing students how the process works in any of the career clusters they choose. Here are some tools to use as you help student reach their goals. Testimonials from Professionals in the Field Students can match a personality to a career when they see a professional in that field describing the job. Video … [Read more...]

How to Lead Students to Pursue A Career

For many students, finding a career is not only exciting, but can be overwhelming as well. With so many different options, many students enter college not quite sure what direction they want to go in, even though excited about the next chapter in their lives. Luckily, through resources like Career Pathways and the encouragement to pursue one’s passion in a manageable, straightforward way, allows the angst about the future to seize. Helping Students Consider Their Options Narrowing down … [Read more...]

Advantages of Using Career Clusters

For many students, choosing a viable career that incorporates their passions and skills can be difficult. Of course, there are many reasons why this might be true as some students might have a difficult time just choosing one career that captures their interests while others simply don’t know where to begin. Luckily,career clusters can help all students narrow down their options and choose a career that is fulfilling and in-demand all while offering several other unique benefits as … [Read more...]

Are Your Students Ready for the Job Hunt?

After students explore the options in their career paths and learn their trade, it is time to take their skills to the job hunt. Are your students prepared for this crucial part of their success? Many high school students stumble when they make the efforts to find and keep their first jobs. Here is how career videos and interactive CDs can help. Understanding the Job Hunt Since students are rarely taught how to develop resumes, ace interviews and fill out job applications in regular … [Read more...]

Giving Students the Tools to Choose Their Future

When it comes to life after high school, helping students choose their career path can seem like a daunting task. With so many potential options available, students can often become overwhelmed and in many cases, will never be exposed to the full range of options available to them before having to make a decision. However, there are key tools that can help you deliver the best guidance possible for students, including the 16 Career Pathways DVD-ROM System from Career … [Read more...]